Book Review: Why Teach? by Mark Edmunson

The current climate in higher education is host to a great debate about the purpose of a college education.  Are schools responsible for turning out a thoroughly-prepared, pre-programmed workforce, or it is the responsibility of educators to shape thoughtful, reflective humans without regard for how future employers will view them?  

Modernist Writing Exercises

Today’s writing lesson comes from American expatriate and arch-modernist Ezra Pound (1885-1972).  Though an accomplished poet and translator in his own right, he may be best known as the guy who cut nearly 400 lines from T.S. Eliot’s original draft of The Waste Land.

Get Paid for Your Great Teaching Ideas

Photo by Shelley Westover ABLConnect, the active and activity-based learning connection at Harvard, has announced the first ever ABLConnect Learning Innovator Prize for graduate Teaching Fellows at Harvard. ABL Connect will be awarding up to three submissions with an honorarium of $100. What should you submit? ABL Connect is looking for section lessons, assignments, projects,…

Teaching Tips from a Departmental Teaching Fellow

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we at the Bok Center are thankful for the Departmental Teaching Fellows here at Harvard.  The Departmental Teaching Fellows program appoints experienced and creative TFs and TAs to focus on enhancing teaching in their disciplines by consulting with their peers within departments, advising individual instructors, and creating training programs, workshops, seminars, and…

Reflections on Teaching: An Interview with Karen Thornber

Karen Thornber is Professor of Comparative Literature and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. She is currently the Department Chair and Director of Graduate Studies of Department of Comparative Literature; the Chair of Regional Studies East Asia; and Walter Channing Cabot Fellow. How do you keep your teaching fresh? There are several ways one keeps teaching fresh.  …