Conversations@FAS: Active Learning videos

On February 11th Dean Smith hosted the first Conversations@FAS faculty forum on Active Learning.

The following short videos are of the 3 Harvard faculty members that served as panelists and some of their insights into Active Learning:

4 thoughts on “Conversations@FAS: Active Learning videos

  1. Very interesting lectures. I was reading something the other day that talked about Harvard’s experimental and education in technology Masters and Doctor’s programs that seem to correlate well with this. In college, I often wondered how much I was actually getting out of the lectures. It would have great to have this sort of approach.


  2. I am also a ‘theater person’ and I perfectly endorse what Diane Paulus has to say. It is a kind of a new concept though – how the audience can play a role in the theater! Would be really interesting!
    Would be keeping an eye on the name ‘Diane Paulus’ to see where she takes this new concept! All the best to you Diane!

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