Quote of the Day

“We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing in our students and our schools. We must make sure that people, who have the grades, the desire and the will, but not the money, can still get the best education possible. ”

– President Barack Obama

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. A complete and generous education fits a man to perform justly, skilfully and magnanimously all the offices of peace and war

  2. It is my hope that someday the educational system in the United States returns to be the gem that it once was and one that other nations look up to. The political system certainly isn’t helping in that regard but we’ll see what 2012 holds.

  3. Another quote which i think is appropriate is “if you think education is expensive, look at the price of ignorance”. I’m not sure but i think this was said by Mark Twain.

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