5 thoughts on “Q Awards Reception, Spring 2011

  1. Good to see that our teachers are being given recognition for their contribution to society at large. Yes I say congratulations too to the teachers, and excellent work by the organizers for the gesture.

  2. Teaching is one of the most honorable profession around, but doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. So seeing teachers get an awards like this one is always heartwarming because they truly deserve it.

  3. I agree with the speaker at 0:24. My sister in law is a teacher and she has said the same things too. It’s interesting to notice how much of a difference teachers can make in our lives, when at the time it doesn’t seem like it – but as adults we truly appreciate their hard work.

  4. Teachers Deserve so much more respect and thanks, I would have to say that Nurses should be shown more gratitude also. You guys do a very honorable and tough job. I would like to personally say thanks you to an old teacher of mine. Mr. Dugan from Clondalkin ITT in Dublin, Ireland.

    Thanks for everything Mr. Dugan

  5. It’s always great to see inspirational teachers get awarded for their hard work. I always find it amazing that such bright and motivated people continue to enter the education field when they get so little respect from our society.

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