The Woodberry Poetry Room Online

Harvard’s Woodberry Poetry Room recently launched an all-new website in celebration of its 80th anniversary. What does that have to do with teaching and learning? Well, the site provides ready access to hundreds of audio recordings—highlights from the Poetry Room’s historic collection of poets reading their work, as well as from recent Poetry Room readings, talks, and installments of the Poetry Room’s oral history initiative. Of obvious interest to poetry lovers, this is also great material for those interested in biography, oral history, and audio culture (see, for example, the Charles Olson’s “tape letter” to Robert Creeley, available under “Charles Olson” on the Listening Booth). Play the recordings in class, or have your students listen to them for homework. Coordinate with the resources available at PennSound and Ubuweb.

One thought on “The Woodberry Poetry Room Online

  1. The Woodberry is amazing. Hear Wallace Stevens read in his own voice–unbelievable! So glad there’s now access on the web, but it’s also worth checking out in person.

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