Saving Time for Students and Teachers

Victor Shnayder, a loyal Bok Blog reader (and former Departmental Teaching Fellow in SEAS) recently told me about several time-saving, online tools for teachers and students that I thought I’d share here. They are:

1) – Makes digital grading simpler. Students upload their papers to this site. Teachers add marginal and/or end comments and/or in-line edits. Students download their annotated papers from the site. The beauty is that the teacher doesn’t have to download anything, then send papers attached in emails, or upload them again so that students can download them. It all happens in one place! That said, I’m not sure how the use of this tool reconciles with Harvard’s legal standards for where student work can “live” on the internet – I’ll get back to you on that.

2) – Facilitates asynchronous, out-of-class discussion and Q&A. Students can post questions, to which other students and/or instructors can provide answers. The best answers get endorsed by other students – and if necessary, an instructor – cutting down on back-and-forth emails and numerous iterations of the same question. The website mainly gives examples from math and engineering, but there’s no reason Piazza couldn’t be useful to humanities or social sciences courses as well.

Thanks for these links, Victor! Anyone else have favorite time-saving websites to share?

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