Departmental Teaching Fellows at Work!

photo by Keith Bloomfield via Flickr

We’re long overdue for celebrating some of the great work done by the Bok Center’s trusty Departmental Teaching Fellows. Here are just a few examples of the diverse work undertaken by these graduate students:

In the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Naseem Surhio  organized several workshops this semester, including a “Reflections on Teaching” workshop with two senior NELC faculty members “in which they discussed their experiences (especially early experiences), successes, failures, and thoughts on teaching” and an upcoming workshop for NELC students titled “Bridging the Gap: Preparation for Teaching with Religious Studies Departments” at which William Graham, Dean of the Divinity School, will present. Naseem also coordinates the recurring language teaching roundtable with Anita Nikannen (Comparative Literature) and David Camden (Classics).

In the History Department, Heidi Tworek has codified all manner of pedagogical best practices as well as teaching resources at Harvard and beyond  on the website she created for the Teaching Colloquium she led this year.

In the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Erin Blevins led a first-ever TF training event for interested graduate students. While it wasn’t mandatory, the training attracted a respectable turnout and was warmly received.

Stay tuned for further updates as your friendly, local Departmental Teaching Fellows continue to do great work . . .

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