I Speak, Therefore I Am

With the 2012 Tony Awards airing this Sunday, the Bok Center is certainly rooting for former Radcliffe fellow John Tiffany and his Broadway musical “Once” which has been nominated for best musical.

While a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University in 2010/2011, Tiffany workshopped “Once” at the A.R.T. here in Cambridge. He also collaborated with the A.R.T. Institute class of 2011 in creating a piece called “I Speak, Therefore I Am“.

As Harvard works to encourage and support creativity across the curriculum, we might look to the classroom practices of the A.R.T. for inspiration. To that end, Bok Center Associate Director Marlon Kuzmick met with John Tiffany to discuss directing and teaching theater at Harvard:


Interested in learning more about theater and teaching?
Marlon Kuzmick and Elise Morrison offer a summer seminar at the Bok Center called ‘Theatre of the Classroom: Performance Technique for Teachers‘.

This post was written by Shelley Westover.

One thought on “I Speak, Therefore I Am

  1. I liked Tiffany’s ending comment about “unlocking creativity and not being able to teach it.” I think this is what makes a great teacher, leader, parent, etc. Exposing creativity is key, because it leads a person to discover the undiscovered!

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