Around the Web: Summer Reading

Over the past two semesters, I have become quite accustomed to reading Odile’s Around the Web blog posts every Friday with suggested readings for the week.
Unfortunately, the end of Odile’s position as a Departmental Teaching Fellow also brings the end of her time as an editor of the Bok Blog (which makes me incredibly sad!).

So now, it is up to me to continue her legacy of weekly roundup posts as best as I can… or, at least until I find a suitable replacement (anyone interested in taking over?).

picture by JasperVisser via Flickr

I have decided to start with the topic of summer reading.
Many education bloggers and journalists have been posting lists of their planned and/or suggested readings for the summer. Here are a few that I’ve discovered recently:

If you are in the Cambridge area, you can check out a book from the Bok Center’s library. Our online catalog is located here and a number of reviews of the books in our collection are available on our blog.

Additionally, the Bok Center is frequently reading articles and blog posts that we find both relevant to our work and interesting. I always link to these articles on our Twitter account (@derekbokcenter) and we often post comments to this blog on what we’re reading.

Personally, I have a shelf of books at home that I’ve purchased and haven’t read yet ranging from Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together to a few ‘beach read’ novels that I’m excited about. So, my goal is to finish a considerable number of them before the Fall semester begins.

What will you be reading this summer?

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