Teaching with Technology: A peek at the 2012 PITF fair

Want to know what’s new in classroom technology?  On August 16th the Bok Multimedia team visited the End-of-Summer PITF fair to scope out the projects that were developed for the Fall term.

The PITF (Presidential Instructional Technology Fellowship) program supports Harvard courses by developing digital and technological materials to be integrated into the curriculum.

This year, we were especially interested in a couple of programs involving 3D modeling and experiential presentations.

Check out this brief video on some fascinating projects and the teams that helped develop them.

One thought on “Teaching with Technology: A peek at the 2012 PITF fair

  1. We at Meritnation (http://www.meritnation.com) have been putting a lot of work and experimentation regarding the usage of technology in education. This includes rich videos and animations for each concept and the use of analytics in determinining the exact individual needs of every student at a given point in time. Last several years of experience with millions of students and teachers has put forth the importance of flipped classroom. This is a concept where the teachers ask students to view videos or animations at home and then come to the class, and the class time is used for practicals and discussions and activities. Research has shown that this has resulted into improved performance in several schools.

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