Beyond Critical Thinking: Curious Questioning

Today’s post was written by John Girash, Associate Director at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. John poses some additional thought on our Oct. 3rd ‘Curiosity’ post – this time without the unique facial hair.

As teachers we often think of questions as the beginning of discovery, and critical thinking as the end goal of higher education. But in their recent book and article, leading education experts Ken Bain [PIL interview] and Maryellen Weimer [Teaching Professor blog] respectively each argue that we need to set the bar higher and instill the motivation and meta-cognitive skills into our students to stay curious and keep questioning… the point isn’t just to think critically, it’s to learn to find things to think critically about.

One thought on “Beyond Critical Thinking: Curious Questioning

  1. This reminds me of Waldorf school mission statements, which often speak to the idea of wonder is a key element in the nature and purpose of education. One example: a mission “to instill creativity and a desire for learning, cultivates … the intellect and deepens the natural joy and wonder of learning.” I love this idea – instilling curiosity to make being a learner a central identity as one engages with the world.

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