Harvard Horizons: Tell Us Your Story

Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has announced an exciting new initiative designed to highlight and promote the essential intellectual contributions of Harvard PhD students.  The “Harvard Horizons” initiative will culminate in a dynamic campus-wide symposium on May 6, 2013 in Sanders Theatre, when the Horizon Scholars will deliver short, general-interest talks that highlight the innovative and compelling dimensions of their research.

The Bok Center will be supporting the Harvard Horizons project all spring, and this will start with the application process going on right now.  If you are a GSAS student interested in applying, we want to help.  The applications, due February 8th, require you to submit a 500-word synopsis of your work, a letter from your advisor, and a 60-second video in which you explain why your work is compelling and important.  If you are feeling daunted about any aspect of the application process–particularly the video–we are here to help.  We are having open video days for Horizons applicants on Thursday, January 31, Friday, February 1 from 9-11am and from 1-3pm, and Wednesday, February 6 from 2-4pm. Come by and you can film your video in our studio.

And, as always, the Bok Center is here to provide you with support and training on the various modes of professional communication that GSAS students need to master.  This term we’ll be offering seminars on “Statements of Teaching Philosophy,” “The Theatre of the Classroom,” “The Physical Voice,” “Public Speaking for International TFs,” and more.  Pamela Pollock, who teaches communication skills courses for GSAS students, is the Bok Center’s point person for this initiative, and all questions can be directed her way.

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