Have you visited ABLConnect?

ImageABLConnect is an online active learning resource database. It was started in early 2012 by Assistant Professor Dustin Tingley and Ph.D. student Leslie Finger as part of the Program on Experience Based Learning that Tingley directs at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science here at Harvard. Tingley and Finger, both ex-high school teachers, are associated with the Department of Government at Harvard.

The idea behind ABLConnect is to create an accessible, searchable repository of active learning activities that Harvard instructors can contribute to and draw from. It also strives to be a vehicle for pedagogical information collection across Harvard, allowing Sociology instructors to know what Math instructors are doing and History instructors to draw from their colleagues in the English Department.

Tingley and Finger—assisted by undergraduate research assistant Ananda Martin-Caughey—have spent over a year gathering lessons and activities used in Harvard undergraduate classes, adding them to the site along with supplementary materials. Through this project, they aim  to lower the costs of good teaching and to spur teaching innovation. In the long-term, they hope that ABLConnect will soon become a regular go-to for Harvard faculty and graduate students across departments.

—Special thanks to Leslie Finger for providing us with this brief blurb—

One thought on “Have you visited ABLConnect?

  1. Wow this is fantastic! It is crazy trying to keep up with all the resources available at the university – I’m happy to now know about this one. Thanks for posting.

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