Teaching Certificate Program- New Courses and Requirements

TCP Fall 2013

We are excited to announce our fall course offerings for the Teaching Certificate Program!  The Teaching Certificate Program offers graduate students and teaching fellows a tangible marker of their ongoing development as teachers in higher education.  The Certificate is structured to give participants the opportunity to critically reflect upon their performance as teachers and to actively experiment with various modes of communication in lectures, seminars, labs, and across the academic profession.

Our fall 2013 offerings include the following courses:

Working it Out: Lesson Planning and the Use of the Blackboard

Classroom Communication Skills for International TFs

The Physical Voice: Vocal Training for Teachers and Scholars

The Physical Voice 2: Continuing Vocal Training for Teachers and Scholars

Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Teaching in the American Classroom: Engaging Students in Active Learning

Multimedia Production for Teachers and Scholars

We revamped the program for those graduate students starting the Teaching Certificate Program in the fall of 2013.  New requirements and a worksheet designed to help participants track their progress have been posted.  Graduate students who enrolled in the Teaching Certificate Program by taking classes prior to the fall of 2013 will be held to the requirements in place when they began the Program.  Old requirements can be found here.

Please email teachingcertificate(at)fas.harvard.edu with any questions or to enroll in a course.

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