Resources for Teachers: Arts @29 Garden!


An obvious question: Are you looking for a way to enhance your teaching section for your undergraduate students?

A less obvious question: Do you teach a subject related to creative arts?


If you answered yes to both and are looking for a space in which you can teach, create, rehearse or perform, then the Arts @ 29 Garden space is an excellent resource.  Created as part of a University-wide push toward art and creativity, per it’s website, “Arts @ 29 Garden is a space intended to support and enable creativity, collaboration, experimentation and art-making amongst faculty, students and visiting artists at Harvard University.”

Arts @ 29 Garden recently hosted an open house for Teaching Fellows to get to know the space.  Along with Program Manager Bess Paupeck and Visiting Artist Kalup Linzy, Teaching Fellows were treated to a tour of the bright and spacious studio space at 29 Garden with suggestions for how to use the space- for screenings, rehearsals, as a gallery, as a performance space– the options are endless!  “The 29 Garden space really addresses a previously unmet need at Harvard for a space in which artists, student and faculty can create art in a collaborative way.  The community here continues to grow as a result of this shared and vibrant space,” said Paupeck.

If you are interested in reserving a room or space at 29 Garden, contact Bess Paupeck at

Fall 2012 044

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