The Ripple Effect: I too, am Harvard and an ongoing discussion about race in higher education

Originally conceived by Kimiko M. Matsuda-Lawrence ’16, the “I, too, am Harvard” campaign set off a litany of articles, discussions and events around Harvard University earlier this month, and has inspired similar movements and extended conversations about race from coast to coast and even across the Atlantic. 

ImageUC Berkeley students staged an “I, too, am Berkeley” campaign, and Brown University students opened a Facebook page on Microaggressions to help foster conversations among students.

After Oxford students staged a similar “I, too, am Oxford” campaign, the university has been taking a hard look at institutional barriers preventing students from poor or minority backgrounds from obtaining slots at the prestigious university.

Studies have shown that student learning is enhanced in a fully racially-integrated classroom setting, where differences are acknowledged and help add to the overall academic experience.  These recent student movements go a long way to show that while our universities are no longer segregated, we are not yet living in a truly post-racial society, and this still deserves our attention.

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